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The Benefits Of Using A Probate Attorney


The passing of a beloved family member is never easy, and the probate process can feel overwhelming in your time of grief. Using the legal services of an experienced Tennessee probate attorney to help with your case can be extremely beneficial to you and your loved ones. To learn more about how a knowledgeable probate lawyer can help in your case, call or contact Fort, Holloway, & Rogers in Williamson County today to schedule a consultation of your case.

Avoiding Executor Mistakes

In many cases, a family member may be named as the executor of an estate, even if they have no experience managing an estate in probate. Executor responsibilities can be complicated and time consuming, and it is easy to make mistakes throughout the process if you do not know what you are doing. A probate attorney understands the law and the legal process, which can help avoid costly errors. Using a probate lawyer also protects an executor from personal liability if an heir or beneficiary decides to file a lawsuit because of a mistake.

Complete Probate Faster

Another benefit of using a probate attorney is that a lawyer can often expedite the probate process. Because they already understand the process, an attorney does not need to take any extra time figuring out what to do, which can be a lengthy process of trial and error for someone new to probate. A lawyer knows exactly what documentation they need, what to submit and when, and how to finalize probate so that the loved ones of the deceased can receive their inheritance as quickly as possible.

Minimize Possible Disputes

Utilizing a Tennessee probate attorney also minimizes the possibility of disputes between family members. Not everyone may agree with the estate decisions of the deceased or may disagree with how the executor of the estate is handling the situation. When a probate lawyer manages the case, they can rely on their legal expertise to answer any questions and minimize the chances of a fight between family members. This benefit is particularly important because if a probate dispute does arise it can lead to lengthy, and costly, litigation for everyone.

Alleviate Family Stress

Finally, hiring a probate lawyer to handle your loved one’s estate can alleviate stress for everyone involved. The probate process is complicated, time consuming, and can be overwhelming depending on the complexity of the estate. For those in charge, probate can feel like an endless list of details, court dates, and documentation that takes time away from your loved ones at a time when togetherness is needed the most. By hiring a probate attorney to handle the matter, stress on the family can be substantially alleviated and loved ones can spend the time that they have together.

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