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Franklin High-Asset Divorce Attorney

If you came into a marriage with significant assets or acquired a large amount of assets and income over the course of the marriage, questions concerning the division of property and payment of alimony can take center stage in a divorce. Asset-related issues can easily become both a high priority and a bone of contention that makes the divorce more complicated or high-conflict than it might otherwise be.

The Franklin divorce attorneys at Fort, Holloway, & Rogers are especially experienced in handling high-asset divorce cases in Williamson County. We understand the need for discretion and the complex issues that are often implicated in high-asset divorces. Call our office to discuss your needs and concerns. We’ll give you an honest appraisal of where you likely stand in the divorce and develop a customized strategy designed to meet your unique needs and goals regarding the property distribution, alimony and other critical aspects of a high-asset divorce.

Common Issues That Arise in High-Asset Divorces

The issues at stake in a high-asset divorce involve more than just dealing with property that has a higher dollar value than the property in other divorces. High-asset cases often involve multiple pieces of valuable real estate, business interests, investments, offshore assets, insurance policies, retirement plans, appreciated assets and complex business arrangements. Any divorce requires the gathering, identifying, characterizing and valuing of property and debt, but the property involved in a high-asset divorce is often more complicated and difficult to ascertain and value.

How Fort, Holloway, & Rogers Can Help

Whether you are a business owner or a working professional, you likely have a job that is stressful and demanding in the best of times. Trying to run a business or maintain a professional practice while going through a divorce can be daunting, to say the least. Our Franklin divorce attorneys are sensitive to your needs and strive to take the burden of figuring out your divorce off your shoulders as much as possible. Our experienced negotiators and family mediators will work out a marital settlement agreement with your spouse that meets your needs regarding alimony and property division that will receive court approval as equitable under Tennessee law. If keeping the details of your divorce or your estate private is especially important, we recommend confidential negotiations or mediation to keep your divorce out of open court, if possible. Our family law attorneys are additionally skilled in drafting prenuptial agreements and can assist in implementing, enforcing or attacking an invalid prenuptial agreement dealing with important issues of alimony and property division.

Whether negotiating, mediating or litigating a high-asset divorce, our firm excels in identifying marital and separate property, ensuring every asset and debt are located and properly characterized. We bring in forensic accountants and other experts as needed to conduct property appraisals or business valuations and help ensure the right valuation method (market approach, asset approach, income approach) is used for the particular business. Our attorneys are also sensitive to the tax issues that accompany property division and alimony and can provide guidance in this critical area.

The Help You Need With High-Asset Divorce in Franklin

If you have special needs and concerns regarding a high-asset divorce in Williamson County, call the Franklin divorce attorneys Fort, Holloway, & Rogers at 615-791-7575, or contact us online to schedule a consultation. Our reputation in the legal community and reviews from former clients let you know you have found the right law firm to meet your needs.

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