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Category Archives: Property Division


How to Handle Sentimental Items in Your Divorce

By Fort, Holloway, & Rogers |

In divorce cases, there is a lot to plan for and think about. You are, after all, setting yourself up with a springboard into the next chapter of your life. While it is necessary to focus on financial stability as you go through the process of dividing assets and debts as part of your… Read More »

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Dividing Property Between Unmarried Couples Who Break Up

By Fort, Holloway, & Rogers |

In this day and age, many, many couples live together before they get married. Some choose never to officially marry at all, and enter more of a domestic partnership. For these couples, navigating how to divide jointly-owned property in the case of a break up may be more tricky. People talk about divorce and… Read More »

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Who Keeps The Engagement Ring When A Couple Breaks Up?

By Fort, Holloway, & Rogers |

Most people have a certain story running in their mind of how they imagine their life will play out. Details may remain fuzzy and are subject to change, but everyone has a dream they are hoping for in the future. If that dream involves a life partner – as many do – the usual… Read More »

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