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Columbia Family Attorney

Many people associate the concept of family law with divorce and domestic relations, and it is true that these are important topics in this practice area. However, family law is broadly defined to include almost any legal issue that impacts your closest relationships. Many involve occasions to celebrate, such as adoption and marriage. Other subjects are less joyful but relate to important rights, including divorce and matters that affect minor children.

Whatever issue you are facing in the realm of Tennessee family law, our lawyers at Fort, Holloway, & Rogers, LLC are ready to support you. We have decades of combined experience advising clients on sensitive topics, so we are prepared to explain how the laws apply to your situation. Please contact our firm to schedule a consultation with a Columbia family attorney who can provide specifics. Some information about our legal services may also be helpful.

We Assist with All Types of Family Law Cases

Our team handles a wide range of cases and legal issues in the area of Tennessee family law, including:

Divorce: All couples must address property division through the divorce process, and the statute requires equitable distribution of all assets acquired during the marriage. In many cases, alimony may be awarded to a lower earning spouse to close the financial gap that results from ending the marriage. These issues can be highly contentious in cases of high-asset divorce.

Legal Matters Involving Children: Child custody, visitation, and support will always be at the forefront of divorce, but these issues also come up in connection with paternity. When it comes to making custody decisions, the court will prioritize the child’s best interests. Child support works according to statutory guidelines.

Post-Divorce Issues: Disputes, changes in circumstances, and certain events may require the parties to revisit some matters after the divorce concludes. We can assist with:

  • Divorce enforcement;
  • Family law appeals;
  • Family relocation; and
  • Post-divorce modifications.

Options for Resolving Family Law Disputes

Our Columbia family lawyers at Fort, Holloway, & Rogers, LLC are prepared to assist with all legal alternatives, including:

Settlement Agreements: Not all cases need to go to court, and there are many benefits to the parties working out their differences. Parties can enter into agreements regarding property division and alimony, as well as issues related to minor children.

Mediation: Family law mediation is also a non-court option, and the process involves sitting down with a trained mediator to sort out disagreements. Through productive conversation, parties can often compromise.

Family Law Trial: A contested hearing will be necessary when disputes remain, and our team has high-level trial advocacy skills to support you throughout the proceedings.

A Columbia Family Lawyer Will Advise You on Crucial Topics

This overview of our legal services and basic concepts is useful, but skilled legal representation is critical for Tennessee family law cases. For more information on how we support your needs, please call Fort, Holloway, & Rogers, LLC at 931-901-2300 or visit us online. We can set up a consultation with a Columbia family attorney who will assess your circumstances and explain how the laws work.

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