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Thank you Will and team5 Stars

Will Holloway and his team were amazing. They assisted me and fought for me through the process of my case. Not only did they work on my case and help me win even more than I expected, Will and his team showed genuine concern for my well-being through a very difficult and stressful time. The thing that stood out to me the most about Will was that he told me early on that he felt I had a very strong case with the honest truth and facts of my story, and he was right. Thank you Will and team for not only helping me win, but begin the process of putting my life back together again.

Home Run Divorce Counsel5 Stars

I located Will on avvo.com after several initial consultations with divorce attorneys in the greater Nashville area. During our initial meeting, I realized Will was my best choice to protect my interests. He was clear and honest with me about his expectations for the outcome of my divorce starting with our initial discussion. He was also by far the most accurate lawyer concerning costs I would incur before the divorce was finalized. There were many aspects of the process that I did not expect, or understand. Will and his staff was patient with my questions, and always provided the guidance necessary to protect my best interests. Will helped me reach a settlement through mediation which I believe is fair to both parties, and my children. I strongly recommend Will to anyone needing a family law attorney.

Honest, Staunch Attorney5 Stars

Mike was able to guide me a through a lengthy and tedious process, instilling in me realistic expectations. He thoroughly prepared me for every aspect of the case. I would recommend him highly for your divorce or family law needs.

Great Lawyer I would highly recommend for child custody or divorce5 Stars

I hired Will after having to let my first attorney go for never communicating with me and making me feel as though I was all on my own during my divorce. Will and his staff stepped in and a did a great job of taking over my case. He was honest and real on what to fight about and what to let go. My case did go to trial and because of Will’s preparation and knowledge of the legal system I as a father of 2 was awarded everything I was asking for. His staff has also done a fantastic job of keeping me up to date on all filings and where there with any questions I ever had.

Best Lawyer in Middle TN5 Stars

I went through a terrible divorce a few years ago, and ended up settling on anything and everything just to get it over with. Unfortunately, because of the settlement, I ended up in court a couple more times since the divorce. I was never happy with any of my attorney’s until I finally hired Michael Fort. He was able to articulate the terms of the new settlement that was easily understood and fair to all parties. I wish I would have found him as my initial Lawyer. He did a great job! I would recommended his services to anyone needing a good lawyer.

Child Custody Case5 Stars

Mr. Forts expertise and due diligence allowed me to obtain full custody of my daughter. Very professional and impressive in and out of the courtroom. Extremely organized and on top of every situation expected or unexpected. Young attorney who took on a very seasoned and well known attorney in Rutherford county. Never flinched and very confident. Forever grateful.

The Best Decision We Ever Made5 Stars

My husband and I interviewed attorneys as we had a difficult and somewhat unusual (at least to us!) case. Mr. Holloway was our choice. He has been a life saver for us and our family. I have trusted him and his counsel. He is outstanding in the court room and respected by his peers. In fact, it was one of his peers that gave us his name and recommended him! We will not hesitate to use him again if needed at any future date.

Tons of Integrity5 Stars

I am very impressed with this young and very talented attorney. Picked anomalously from yellow pages, I found out first hand, the tons of integrity, honesty and a just plain willingness to do the right thing. In my opinion, one hell of an attorney.

Michael Fort, Great Lawyer5 Stars

Mr. Fort did a superb job. He handled my case well. He worked quickly with no hassles. If you need a lawyer, Michael Fort is your man.

Divorce Client5 Stars

Michael Fort did a great job handling my divorce. He answered all of my questions and aggressively pursued a resolution to my case. I was very satisfied with his representation and would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends!

A fine, professional lawyer5 Stars

Sam Holloway is a fine, professional lawyer. My wife, Denise and I have used Sam’s services for several cases over the years, including the adoption of our son, Wyatt. He is very knowledgeable, qualified, dependable and his rates are reasonable. He always answered our questions and addressed our concerns in a timely manner, which put us at ease. Also, it is obvious to us, that Sam is well respected in the judicial system. We cannot say enough about how impressed we have been with Sam.

Dave and Denise
His tenacity was remarkable!5 Stars

Mike Fort was presented with a high conflict, high stakes and challenging case that was botched by the first attorney I worked with. His knowledge of the law, aptitude for understanding intelligent (yet dangerous individuals) and tenacity was remarkable! The outcome worked in my favor, yet could have easily not under different counsel. My life and the lives of my daughters are forever changed and better for his fight for justice.

Genevieve Hazel
Exceptional preparation5 Stars

It is so difficult to find a trustworthy attorney. After meeting with several different ones, we were blessed to find Stuart Saylor. We hired him for a case of termination of parental rights and adoption of minors. It is needless to say the case resulted in our favor. There are two important sides of Stuart professionalism, on one hand there is the preparation, since the first meeting we realize he had an ample knowledge of the law, however what was more astonishing and made the difference, is the exceptional preparation he makes at every step of the case. Stuart was never improvising, he had calculated every step, he was always ahead of the game. On the other hand, Stuart will talk to you with honesty and will explain every step of the process, you will find him always available to talk and resolve all of your questions. He is indeed a good honest person with excellent skills and high competence.

Pamela Gandara
Professional and personable attorney5 Stars

Will Holloway was a very professional and personable attorney to work with. He was understanding of me and helped me to understand all of the steps through a post divorce case. Will provided a thorough, strong representation and helped me obtain all that I should have gotten during the divorce. I would have benefited greatly having him as my divorce attorney, then I would not have needed post divorce help. I have recommended and will continue recommending people to Will.

Rob Atkinson
Responsive, thorough, and strategic5 Stars

I retained Mike Fort for my "simple" divorce which became complex due to the actions of my opposition. Mike and his team were responsive, thorough, and strategic throughout the process. While listening to my needs, Mike also guided me away from unnecessary conflict and steered me to a very favorable outcome.

Scott Martin
Diligent and knowledgeable5 Stars

I highly recommend Sam Holloway! He has worked diligently on my case, responds quickly, he's very knowledgeable, and you can tell he truly cares. I couldn't have gotten through my complicated custody case without him.

Casey Mayes
Highly recommended!5 Stars

Josh Rogers helped me through a divorce. He was thorough and very professional. He sincerely listened and kept me informed during the process. I highly recommend Josh to anyone seeking legal representation.

Lorne Curry
Amazing!5 Stars

Will Holloway is amazing!! He is so professional and knowledgeable. Will was my divorce attorney and I am so thankful he was. He will fight for you! Always explaining things along the way, he made sure I knew all the options I had. If you are looking for the best, Will is your guy!

Mary Bond
Forever grateful5 Stars

You will not find a better attorney than Mr. Fort! He was a beacon of hope for me and my two children at a time when our options appeared limited. He is an expert in domestic abuse, child relocation and child custody. He was consistently prepared, professional, prompt and above all he was compassionate. We trusted him every step of the way- I recommend him 110%! Thank you Mr. Fort, we are forever grateful.

Kathryn Lillie
Truly cares5 Stars

No one wants to need an attorney but when you do need one, you want a good one. One that will listen to you and fight for you with knowledge and experience. But more than that, you need one that truly cares. Having Will Holloway working on legal matters for me over the years has always put me at ease in stressful situations because I know I can trust him to do a great job and always have my best interests in mind. He’s always honest with me about the reality of how things work and keeps me informed along the way. I can’t recommend him enough. Having worked with Mike Fort as well in the past, I can say many of the same things about him. Highly recommend them both.

Nola Nash
Grateful5 Stars

I never imagined I would need a divorce attorney and had no idea who to turn to. Will Holloway came to me through a referral by another attorney. He had the staff and experience to steer me through a very complicated divorce. Looking back, I am grateful for all the expert assistance through a very difficult time.

Maria Christensen
Exceptional Attorney5 Stars

Stuart Saylor belongs to an exceptional breed of attorney that blends character, intellect, composure, and a thorough knowledge of the law. He always provided responsive, deliberate, and wise council. I had an extremely complicated, unusual, and often stressful case, which he handled with confidence and ease. He is a critical thinker who is very attentive to details, and all of the documents he prepared for me were meticulous. In addition to being an excellent attorney, he is a gentleman with an uncanny knack for understanding and interpreting human behavior. I was able to rest easy during one of the most stressful times of my family’s life knowing I had Stuart Saylor representing me and handling my case, and I highly recommend his services. I would wholeheartedly refer any family, friend, or acquaintance to him, and I am so thankful for the services he provided. I was very pleased by the outcome of our case that he obtained through hard work, expertise, and his fantastic work ethic.

Andria Jordan
Wonderful Lawyer5 Stars

Its sounds strange saying that any divorce is a good experience. But I can say that Mr Rogers was the reason it was as smooth as it was. For years I tried doing it on my own and trying to find ways to get it done. Josh was a God-send. His advice and experience got it done quickly and in a manner I could feel good about. Would definitely recommend him and would use him again.

It is rare in life for someone to come along that makes a lasting and permanent impact AND imprint in our lives5 Stars

It is rare in life for someone to come along that makes a lasting and permanent impact AND imprint in our lives. Josh Rogers is such a person. I had a very difficult child custody dispute as part of my divorce. Josh handled it with an uncommon level of professionalism and integrity. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking sage council. He achieved tangible results that I WILL NOT soon forget.

Ben Braun
Divorce5 Stars

Mr. Rogers assisted me in my recent divorce and couldn't have been any better. He is very well respected in the legal community and simply did a fantastic job in representing me as well as keeping the best interest of my kids in mind. If faced with divorce, Josh Rogers is the man you want on your side.

Pro-active, excellent attorney5 Stars

Joshua Rogers is an excellent attorney. He's professional, diligent, dependable, thorough, and will do what it takes and guide you till all is said and done. His paralegal, September, is also fantastic. I couldn't ask for a better experience during such a grim time in my life.

Mr. Joshua Rogers5 Stars

Josh Rogers was such a blessing! Our teenage daughter attended a party where there was underage drinking involved. We were referred to Mr. Rogers by a very prominent attorney in Nashville who did not handle this type of situation. From the first meeting we knew we had the right person. Professional and extremely knowledgable in criminal law. Compassionate yet precise with our daughter in potential consequences.

Knowledgeable Lawyer5 Stars

Josh was my lawyer in a post-divorce matter. He was very knowledgeable of the law and professional to work with. He helped me get the results in my case that I wanted. I would recommend him to others.

Mr. Rogers is a credit to the profession5 Stars

Josh was not only a former student of mine, but I have had the pleasure of having cases with him. He is a scholar and a gentleman. He knows the law and practices with integrity and character. He is an AV lawyer and a credit to the profession.

Excellent advocate5 Stars

Josh is an excellent advocate for his clients. He is also respectful of the opposing litigants and their counsel. I would highly recommend Josh.

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