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Columbia Divorce Attorney

No one walks down the aisle on their wedding day expecting the relationship to break down, so it can be overwhelming to think about going through divorce. The Tennessee statute on grounds for divorce is relatively flexible to cover all types of situations, including no-fault divorce. However, there is much more to the process, and the parties will need to address a range of factors to wind down their relationship from a legal standpoint. Plus, the rights and responsibilities of parents continue beyond divorce, so issues related to minor children will be a focal point in the proceedings.

Tennessee divorce laws can be complicated, but there are multiple strategies for resolving them. Our team at Fort, Holloway, & Rogers, LLC will guide you through the proceedings and help you make informed decisions regarding your future. Please contact us to set up a consultation with a Columbia divorce attorney who can explain specifics, and check out some basics about the process.

Key Issues in Divorce Cases

While the divorce process will vary according to your circumstances, there are generally three issues that the parties must address:

  1. Property Division: State law requires an equitable distribution of all property acquired and debts incurred during the marriage.
  2. Alimony: When divorce will result in a significant financial disparity between the parties, a court may award support to the lower earning spouse. There are different types of alimony in Tennessee to suit various situations.
  3. Issues Related to Minor Children: Divorcing parties are still parents, so you must address child custody, visitation, and support. The child’s best interests are paramount when the court makes decisions on these issues.

In addition, keep in mind that disputes or events can arise post-divorce. Even after the case concludes, you may need to address enforcement, parental relocation, and modifications to the court’s order.

Legal Help with the Divorce Process

Tennessee divorce laws encourage the parties to agree on the three key issues, and the court will likely approve it. However, the judge will review any agreement on child custody, visitation, and support to ensure the arrangement meets statutory standards. Even if you cannot agree, your case will go to mediation to resolve outstanding disputes. A trained mediator can often get the parties closer together by facilitating productive conversations. Our team at Fort, Holloway, & Rogers, LLC will assist with settlement negotiations and be at your side during the mediation process.

If your case must go to a contested hearing, our Columbia divorce lawyers are ready to serve your needs. The proceeding is very similar to a trial, so we will perform such litigation tasks as:

  • Gathering evidence;
  • Developing a trial strategy to support your position;
  • Conducting discovery and depositions;
  • Presenting witnesses and exhibits; and
  • Arguing your case before the divorce court judge.

Our Columbia Divorce Lawyers Will Guide You Through the Process

For more information about divorce issues and advice on resolving them, please contact Fort, Holloway, & Rogers, LLC. You can schedule a consultation with a Columbia divorce attorney by calling 931-901-2300 or visiting our website.

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